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Air Force Space Command - Maximum Power Transfer Solution

The Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station (NORAD) conducted a 90-day test period, during which the MPTS was installed on an industrial air compressor. The MPTS technology proved itself by reducing the compressor’s energy consumption by 60 percent. These results led to the procurement of the MPTS and subsequent re-orders.

Facility Executive - Amici MPTS From Amici Enterprises

Amici Enterprises presented the Amici MPTS technology to more than 100 of the nation’s leading corporate energy decision makers at the Future Facilities Summit in Chicago on May 9-11, 2016.



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Amici MPTS Logo - Black DOT - Tranparent Background

Product Photos

Amici MPTS - Product Photo
Amici MPTS - System 450 - Installed